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What do we do?

With the years of experience, we hope to know what guest want.
Thats why we discover a lot of locations and share this with you.

People want more and more privacy and luxory during their holiday. And you earned it afther a hard year work. Thats why we work also hard toto make sure you will get the best prices. We hope you can enjoy your holiday here in Croatia.

Enjoy your stay and don't forget to enjoy the country


After several years working for investors to create a luxury holiday resort, have seen how they react on a guest and how they want to handle guest, I made the decision to do it like it supposes to be. A customer is a king.

We believe we can make the difference between the big and small promoters/agencies. We are like an open source and believe it can be done all for a smaller commission


A small group of members with all their hart on the right spot.
In this automated world it can be done like this. No big luxory offices. Just me and you.

Natascha van der Velden
CEO Chief Executive Officer
Natascha van der Velden
As the owner of this company, I think it's great to make private houses known to the general public.
voluntary field agent
As a Google guide, I had 1.5 million views in 2018 on my (360) photos on maps and Streetview. I can also show this hobby here by mapping locations.
voluntary translator / support
As a Croatian expat, I live in the UK. I support with translation and other necessary technical support.
voluntary marketing support
As a Dutch expat, I live in beautiful Croatia. I provide support for the marketing department and other necessary services.

This portal is part of the Feriae Group. We promote houses arround the world. Houses of privat houseowners want to give you all the oppertunity to use this accomodation with these nice prices. You can also find our houses on the big (names) rental portals. If you are a house owner and also want to let us promote your house without any contractual obligations then you must read on

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