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All day fun @ Glavani Park Barban
After the training on the ground, you will go on the first level, yellow route, on 2 m in height. On that route, you will learn all the basics and you will be able to go to the blue and black routes. At the very end, you can enjoy the big swing (two times). And repeat the routes again and again and again all day
For adults one price for all day for each route50.00 Kunaperson/day And for kids one price for all day for each route 40.00 Kunaperson/day Swing and catapult are no route check button for prices!
This is where we working for.

It is not about a sale or a number. It about people who saved all year to book a holiday where you can dream of.

We try to get succeded 100% happy customers but this is not always possible. We are an open company and bring to you what we have learned in the last 20 year in tourism.


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